Sunday 3 September 2017

DIY Home Decor | Quote Mirror Art

Roald Dahl. He spoke the truth.


Mirror | Stickers

I started by removing the hanging as I'm more of a picture/frame/mirror leaner [and have the broken glass to prove it] but other than making sure your mirror is clean and free of dust/marks - the prep work for this DIY is minimal:
To create my quote, I needed two packs of letter stickers. I went for Thickers Imprint as they are nice and thick and have a black background with contrasting thin gold lettering. But the beauty of this DIY is that you can create any effect you want - large or small, any colour, any thickness and any font.
I used the pack to help me space out my quote in to 6 lines and continued to use this as my guide as I started each line, making sure it matched the spacing of the sticker pack:
 ...and you're off.  Create each word, with even spacing between each letter and then even spacing between each word:
If anything goes wrong, or doesn't look quite right, you can easily change it before the sticker becomes too adhered to the mirror.  But be fairly quick - the stickers are almost impossible for me to remove now (just as a test) and I even checked how easy the mirror would now be to clean and I could pretty much wipe over the top of the stickers without worrying too much.

Finally, display your new, stylish mirror:
see you next time x
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