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DIY Stationery | Star Sign Constellation Notebook

It's World Stationery Day on the 15th April and I have a DIY - and a collaboration with Old English Company - to make sure you celebrate right!

Notepad | Faux Suede | Star Sequins | Beads | Thread | Fabric or Hot Glue | Scissors


To start, cut your fabric to size by laying your notepad open, positioned so that one side has around 2 inches of fabric at the side and 2cm of fabric at the bottom and top
To ensure the correct length of fabric is measured, you will need to ensure the notebook can open and close easily, so hold the fabric in place at the front and then close the notepad.
Now cut your fabric at the other end, again having around 2 inches of fabric at the side
You can either machine/hand stitch your fabric or use fabric/hot glue [which I opted for] to neaten your edges.  Start with the top and bottom of the notebook cover, folding the fabric over twice to create a neat edge and gluing the fabric in place to neatly be in line with the notebook:
Now, we can neaten the sides.  Create a small cut in line with where the notepad front and back covers will sit [not forgetting to close the book to ensure the fabric folds as required].
The sides will need to be folded in to pockets, for the front and back cover to fix in to.  Start this by neatening the side edge by folding over once and gluing in place, then fold the sides in at a slight angle and glue in place:
Now fold the 2 inches of side fabric over and glue the sides securely in place:
The notebook should snugly fit inside:
Repeat on the opposite side:
I created a simple tie with some suede cord in complimenting colours and sized this up [before straightening with the ultimate crease-hack, my straighteners - quickly run the cord through the straighteners a couple of times] before planning out my star constellation design:
I fixed the sequin stars in place with a glass bead and made the connections with silver thread:
Your desk will have never looked so stylish.

Win a Set of Planners!

To celebrate World Stationery Day, Old English Company are running a competition to win the newest additions to their planner collection and all you have to do is send an email - seriously.  Find out more about how to enter below.


You can also check out the planner collection, so you know exactly what you should buy yourself for Stationery Day here: https://oldenglishprints.com/collections/planners

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Good Luck!

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DIY Home Decor | Woven Pom Pom Tassel Cushion

Get your home up-styled with an on-trend DIY woven, tassel and pom pom cushion!

Cushion | Wool | Needle | Scissors | Optional: pom pom maker

There are lots of options for this DIY: You can either buy or make yourself a cushion for the base, or up-style one you currently have.
I picked up my cushion from Dunelm for just £8.  The covers have a loose knit texture that is perfect for the embellishments I want to add [it wont snag, is nice and chunky to run additional threads through, and as a bonus, the grey trim ties in with my choice of colours nicely]. 

I started by making myself around 20 pom poms, which would be added to two sides as a trim.  To help speed the process up, I used my Multipom tool [used before for this DIY] as this DIY is a little more time intensive than others:
The key to this DIY is to be varied in your textures, so I used a variety of stitch embellishments [being quite random and not at all precise in the lengths as this adds to the overall design and look]:
The most time-consuming aspect of my design was the tassel trim.  I started with a braid, using 2 lengths of wool for each section [6 lengths in total], which would be placed over the top of the tassel to create a neat finish:
I then cut short lengths of wool and then threaded these across the cushion:
You could then leave the tassels like this and then place the braided wool over the top, however; I wanted more texture and fullness, so made my way across the cushion, unravelling the wool with the help of my needle and an episode of Friends to keep me company:
It creates a lovely texture and softness to the embellishment.

Before stitching my braid to the edge, I pulled the braid apart to widen the braid and vary the tightness for interest and detail:
For the remainder of the cushion, I added further stitches, braids and knotted stitch embellishments, varying the colour and sizes:
Finally, I trimmed all the edges of any excess wool and then added my pom poms down each side for a final embellishment and to tie all the woven and stitched embellishments together:
Ready to add to any sofa, chair or bed to adda little colour, texture and modern home decor!

If you love up-styling and DIY-ing your home decor, check out the other ideas in the Home Decor section!

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DIY Jewellery | Wire Bunny Ears Ring

Style-up your Easter with this simple wire ring.



I started my wire with the base of the ear, leaving a length of excess to use as a join at the end and to trim, holding my pliers at the length that would be the top of the ear and gently bending the wire to meet the base:
...to hold in place, I held my pliers at the base and twisted the wire tightly round once:
I used my pliers to help shape the top of the bunny head:
...and then repeated the same steps to create my second bunny ear, however, wrapped the wire round twice to secure at the base:
With the length remaining, I shaped the round to the back centre, using an existing ring as my size and shaping guide:
...before shaping the wire round to the front to meet the first ear.

To secure in place, I wrapped the end around the base [now matching the second ear] and clamped the wire flush with the pliers in the centre:
...and then trimmed the wire.  A pretty, delicate and simple ring:
This DIY can be easily adapted to create silhouettes of other animals and you can even up-cycle a ring you no longer wear, adding this as an embellishment.

Want to try some more jewellery DIYs? Find more in the Fashion & Accessories tab!

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