Monday, 3 December 2018

DIY Christmas | Animal Baubles

Last year, I finished the Christmas DIYing with some silly, so this year, I'm adding to them and making them part of your Christmas decorating.



I started by creating my gold crown, antlers and Santa hat, cutting them from card and fixing in place to my animals with hot glue to ensure that they could not be moved.

As the crowns are quite small and the card can be difficult to round, I used a pencil to help shape and guide the card.  For more flexibility, you could use material or create a 2D crown.

Set out your scene in the bauble before fixing in place to ensure that you are happy with the overall look, style and ordering.  Once created, fix in place with hot glue.
As always, you can use any glue to fix in place, but you know I am the ultimate glue gun fan and I highly recommend picking one up for quick gluing fixes.

Add your snowballs to finish the snowy scene and close your bauble.
This lid is air tight secure, so doesn't require any glue to hold it in place and it also allows for any rearranging or updating over time.

Add a length of ribbon to the hanging and your decoration is ready to display.

There are so many options for these baubles and you can completely personalise and use them not only as decoration for your tree, but for place settings, Wintery scenes and to fill any corner of your home that needs a bit of Christmas magic.


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