Sunday, 3 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Car & Tree Decorations

If there is one Christmas tradition in the movies that I love, it's a family trip to pick and take home the Christmas tree.

Todays DIY is the recreation of this in decoration form, with some poundland cars, nail varnish and bottle brush trees. The perfect 'whilst-watching-a-movie' craft and it only takes 30 minutes.


Mini Toy Cars & Truck [poundland] | Mini Bottle Brush Trees | Gold Ribbon | Nail Varnish | White Glitter | Mod Podge | Brush


I'm a fan of using nail varnish as a quick, cheap and precise way to blanket colour [not to mention no washing up!]  - the drying time is minimal and with the range of nail varnish available, can be used to create decorations to fit in your Christmas theme.

It has transformed a brown sheriffs truck and collection of plastic cars in just two coats and 10 minutes as the main feature of the decoration:
I picked my cars [10 in a pack for £1] and truck up from poundland but if you have any toys that need an up-cycle - this is a great way to transform them!

To add more detail, I used a little mod podge and coarse white glitter added to the tops of the car features [also, a great cover for any messy nail varnish areas!]
I picked up some bottle brush trees in HC and removed the stands for the trees to be added the tops of the cars, fixing them in place with thin gold ribbon, leaving a loop for hanging on the tree, or adding to presents as tags:
They also make pretty cute decorations on their own or added to terrariums.
I love them and they add a vintage theme to my decorating that now makes me want to go out and find more things I can cover in nail varnish, fake snow and gold ribbon.......


  1. absolutely brilliant! Love this idea, and did something similar myself with bottle brush trees I found in Flying Tiger. So simple and yet so brilliant, I love the festive ideas you are coming up with.
    The link for the bottle brush trees didn't work for me, where did you find them?


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