Monday 27 July 2015

Kirstie Allsopp presents The Handmade Fair

Today I'm excited to be teaming up with the lovely people that help organise Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair to bring you a quick run down of what's on offer this year.  Last year, my Instagram feed was full of workshop makes, unique stalls and flower / pom pom crowns galore [that's all I need to know to be sold].  They've also provided a lovely little discount code for some bargain tickets at the end of the post [not that you'll need any convincing to go]!

Monday 13 July 2015

How To Make a Paper Flower Bud

I love a paper flower project [you can find some here] but todays is so, so easy. All you need to do to achieve it is fold.  Let's dive right in.


Monday 6 July 2015

How To Make a Sunglasses Storage Tray

The weather this last week has been barely recognisable as to what I'm used to and have felt so many times like I'm on holiday.  How much better is everything when the Sun is out?

Dear England, please keep the weather like this always. Many thanks.

To jinx this spell of beautiful weather, I've a DIY that might help you if, like me, you have a relaxed approach to storing and displaying your sunglasses [and you know I love a frame storage / jewellery display DIY].

What I Used:
Ikea Ribba Frame
2 x A4 Grey Felt Sheet
Pencil / Scissors / Glue

This DIY is really simple in concept and doesn't take more than an hour to make.
Firstly, take an old [or new] frame that is at least the width of your largest pair of glasses and length of your glasses stacked together.  Take the frame apart.  Keep the backboard and frame, removing the stand and any other embellishments [don't worry too much about being neat and tidy and this stage - it's all going to be covered up]:
Cut one sheet of felt to cover one side of the backboard - leave a very small hem [only around 1/2mm]
- and glue this securely in place [I used the glass frame to help guide the size]:
The backboard is going to now be placed in to the frame, felt side showing through the front of the frame.  However; instead of being pushed all the way to the front of the frame, you want this to now sit neatly in line with the back:
[The hem should help keep the backboard in place, flush with the back]

To secure this further, cut a second sheet of felt that is the size of the frame and glue in place to cover the exposed backboard:
...this will also help the tray stop moving about if on a shiny surface.
Completed, the felt should now be taught and sit neatly:
The final stage is creating a rest for the glasses.  With a strip of cardboard, around 3cm wide and the length of the inside of your frame, fold the cardboard in half lengthways and secure in place with tape into a triangle [use a pair of sunglasses to match the nose rest angles]:
With a strip of left over felt, cut to the same length and width of the cardboard and fix this in place over the triangle [the exposed edges will be hidden when in place]:
Once dry, place the triangle down the centre of the frame [add to the frame at an angle to help you at first] - you can either leave this to hold in place, or secure with more glue:
...and your frame holder is ready to be put to work:

Enjoy the Sun! [probably going to rain for the rest of the year now, isn't it?] 
see you next time x

[P.S - you can remove those small black frame holders from the inside of the frame easily with pliers - I have no idea why I didn't do this!]
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