Sunday 29 October 2017

DIY Halloween | Drink Up Witches Glitter Banner

Halloween party? Be there for the Boos.


Stickers | Glitter Card | Ribbon | Scissors | Washi Tape


Welcome to the second and final instalment of 'Halloween DIYs to cover my home in glitter' - a quick.last minute make that creates a pun-tastic decoration for your home.  It really doesn't need explaining, but......

Begin by creating yourself a template, using one of your stickers, placed to space the top and sides evenly and then create a banner with your scissors:
This can then be used to create the remaining card banners, before adding your remaining stickers:
Secure a length of ribbon to the back of the banners, with the distance evenly spaced and you can also create separate hangings for each word:
Now hang in your chosen space, whether above a bar cart:
or switching your 'drink' for 'eat' and you have yourself the perfect food table decoration.
Simple, stylish and easily changed to suit your decor with coloured card or larger letter stickers.
Happy Halloween!
P.S - sparkle skull tealight holders [also a quick make] here:

Sunday 22 October 2017

DIY Halloween | Glitter Skull Candle Holders

It's been quite a while since glitter has made an appearance on the blog - what better DIY to change that with than these sparkly glitter skull candle holders?


Skulls | Silver Glitter | Mod Podge | Glue Brush | Battery Tealights | Craft Knife


Luckily, if you feel Halloween is racing towards you and you're running out of time, these home decor additions don't take an more than 30 minutes to make.
Start by trimming the hanging loop from the top and using one of the tealights to mark the skull and act as a guide:
Begin removing sections of the polystyrene with the craft knife, using the tealight to continue marking as each section is removed:
As the skull sits at an angle, but the tealight wants to sit flat, keep using it to check the depth required at the front and back of the skull to ensure it can sit neatly and securely:
Once you are happy with the holder created, you can move swiftly on to the best part - glitter!
Cover the top of the skull in mod podge and then sprinkle the glitter generously over the top, leave to settle and set for a few minutes, before shaking off the excess, gathering up the glitter and repeating the process to cover the bottom:
Once covered and completely dry, you can protect your skulls with hairspray, spray glue, or more mod podge [but be aware that in some cases, this can dull the glitter]:
Add your tealights and it really is as simple and quick as that:
Display as part of your usual decor:

...or as an addition to any other halloween-themed decorations:
As always - safety first! Never use a real candle in or near these polystyrene holders. Seriously [and even more seriously if you used the hairspray as a glitter setting option]

Sunday 15 October 2017

DIY Home Decor | Autumn Pumpkin Garland

A bit of a bridge before the house decorations kick-off - bringing a bit of the Autumn in with a 'much easier to recreate than you may think' garland DIY.


Floristry Foam | Gypsophila x4 | Hydrangeas x4 | Eucalyptus x4 | Pumpkins x8 | Paints | Skewers | 


Start by creating your base with the floristry foam.  I opted for a two-tier height, higher in the centre and created this by cutting my foam lengthways in half, than one in half again.  To protect the foam and stop it from creating a huge mess, cover with foil and set in place.  You can secure the sides to the centre with skewer sticks or some glue: 
To start creating your garland, take one bunch of the gypsophila [I picked mine up from poundland] and cut the stems to smaller sections.  These can then be used to help guide and create the length of the garland - it will primarily be filler and a colour to break up the main element of the garland:
Now use the rest of the gypsophila to create the outline shape of the garland, as this will help guide the placement of the eucalyptus and feature decorations:
To add some colour [I mean, as much colour as you're getting from me], I coated some foam pumpkins [faces not on the showing side!] in a neutral palette of pastel yellow, blue, grey and green, with a little gold added to the stalks for interest:
Once dry, and mainly because I couldn't stop with the stalks, I used a very, very dry brush to add a little more gold to the pumpkins:
Finally, add skewers to the base of the pumpkins so that they can be added to the garland [half a skewer to each pumpkin should work perfectly]:
Space your pumpkins across the foam and vary the heights to create a little movement in the garland -  but they wont be fixed in place just yet - instead, remove the pumpkins for now and the holes made in the foam will come in very handy when they are added back later:
Instead, the main element of the garland can now be added - the eucalyptus.   I used three stems to create the height and depth of the garland, leaving one behinds for filler later on.  Cut off any extra stems that can add length or height and use the wire to create movement and fullness:
Once you are happy with the overall shape, add the hydrangeas to break up the colour and add texture and interest:
Now, the pumpkins can be re-placed - make sure you move the eucalyptus leaves around to keep everything secure, the fullness of the garland and shape:
Finally, the bunch left aside can be cut in to smaller sections and used to fill any open spaces and to make the garland a little less structured and full:
I have to be honest, I've been back and moved a few leaves here and there since taking these photos - take your time with it and it all can be re-arranged to suit your space and design.  I also threaded a pack of small pompom together and added for a little more decoration - but I've decided to keep this for the Winter version, which can be created with a few replacements, but with the main structure remaining:

A simple decoration made for the mantle that consists of four main elements, that can be altered to suit your space, design and taste: filler, garland, colour and decoration.  This structure can also be used to create table runners, centrepieces and more - trying to stop myself from adding these to very surface now.....
If you've ever wanted a garland and haven't quite found one that suits you - give this a go with the elements of your choice [and don't forget to show me if you do]!
See you next Sunday for some Halloween decor that sparkles [as now does my carpet].

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