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Fimo Stationery Toppers

Fimo experiments Part 2 - let's give it another go on a smaller scale and fuel the stationery addiction in the process. Winning.

Review: Glue Gun

Hello!  Today’s post is a little different than the usual DIY and I hope useful, as today I’m blogging glue guns.  I’m a believer [and still am] that you don’t need electrical equipment, tools and gadgets to be creative, but this small investment has not only saved me time, it’s added strength and saved many a project that otherwise would have been abandoned.

How to Make Studded Cork Art

 Todays post is a corker [it's been a long week, sorry].

How to Make Felt Pom Poms

Today’s craft is one of my favourite kinds – a simple technique and few materials that allows you to create something with impact – felt flower pom poms.

How to Make Origami Butterflies

If you are recovering from a weekend in the Sun and fancy a bit of sitting-in-front-of-the-TV crafting, this origami butterfly project is for you.

Summer Lollipop Embellishments

I'm making the most of these glitter card scraps.

Bead and Thread Word Art

It was inevitable after pin & thread and then brad & thread that I would try another way to recreate nail and thread art without having to use the hammer [or nails].  Today, I offer beads and thread as an alternative.
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