Sunday, 17 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Pearl Jumper

If your Christmas wardrobe needs a little updating or you have a jumper that needs an up-style, this DIY is an easy, quick and cheap way of getting yourself a new wardrobe.


Flat-backed Pearls | Fabric Glue | Toothpicks | Jumper


Before committing to anything, lay your pearls out on your jumper and try out your designs - take photos for reference and make sure you take the time to not just do a section, or one half - the overall look may be very different to what you imagine in your head, so it's definitely worth trying it our before hand [I originally had more detail on the neck line and more variation in the sizes until I realise the more simple design suited my taste:
You can also be as measured [or not] in your pearl placement as you want - if you are going for a symmetrical design, you can measure to ensure your pearls are evenly spaced, or you can go by eye - whatever you're comfortable with.

When happy with your design, use a toothpick to add your fabric glue to the back of each pearl in time:
Don't worry if you make a mistake, add a pearl in the wrong place or change your mind - you can remove the glue with a wet cloth, but you don't have long - this glue will adhere the pearls to your jumper in a few minutes:
The glue is completely washing machine safe too - so your pearls wont be coming off when you wear your new jumper!

Leave the jumper to dry and set completely before showing your new DIY off:
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