Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wimbledon Eton Mess

If I had to pick a favourite dessert, I think an Eton Mess would be it.  Simple - my favourite and perfect for Wimbledon watching, along with this, this and this.  Eat them all, why not? and if you have time, I recommend these too.

So that this was easy to serve, I had the components ready separately so that they just needed to be thrown together.  With the leftover whipped cream I had from my pavlova, I piped swirls in to a freezable dish and froze them, chopped my leftover strawberries and had my flavoured kisses ready:
Chuck them in a serving bowl with icecream and you are good to go:

...don't forget the strawberries:
I also squished some of the cream with meringues, so I could add one to a scoop of icecream for a prettier version:
Doesn't get much easier than that - Good luck today, Andy - come on!

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