Monday, 5 August 2013

Home Sweet Home

I am in love with blackboard/chalkboard typography art and this has inspired a simple project that I completed over a couple of movie nights in this break from Summer weather we seem to be having.

What I Used:
A4 Dark Grey Felt
Light Grey / Pastel Pink / Pastel Green Embroidery Floss / Needle
Embroidery Hoop [I used 8 inch]
A4 White Paper / Pen / Scissors

For the pattern, I created my own template, however; you could use fonts printed from the computer, magazine lettering or branded packets to trace and create your words.
To start, I traced the inside of the embroidery hoop for my frame and then 
spaced out my pictures and outlined my words:
I then began defining the outlines and filling in the basic details until I was happy with my design:

[save this to your desktop to print your own]
I then secured my felt to my embroidery hoop, pinned the pattern on top and with a threaded
needle, began to stitch my design:
I used a basic running stitch pattern as I wanted the final outcome to look 
as free-flowing as possible, but I tried to vary the lengths slightly and stick mainly to a running stitch 
to keep some simplicity:
...and used a lazy daisy stitch for the borders:
I also somehow managed to resist removing my pattern to have a sneak peak at how the whole thing was going to turn out.  Once finished, I carefully removed the pattern, tearing where the stitches had perforated and used tweezers to remove any small sections:
Here, you can fill in any blanks or add any extra patterns or stitches if you think the design needs it, or leave it as it is.  I also left mine in the embroidery hoop, cutting the excess felt away:

I really like the grey contrast and I'm pleased with how this turned out.  I'd like to try a black felt / white thread and a range of fonts for designs a little more like this.

I've been finding it difficult to not make the most of the hot weather we've recently been having, so I don't have too many projects on the go at the moment - but now I've said that, it will probably change.
See you next time x

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