Wednesday, 17 February 2016

DIY Home Decor | Rose Gold & Marble Clock

 I warned you that vinyl contact paper goes a long way, so here is my second DIY using the marble transformer.

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I picked this round frame up from Poundland, so no great expense required for this DIY.  I found my clock mechanism in HobbyCraft [but plenty of cheap alternatives are to be found online] and the marble vinyl from Wilko.

The main elements of your frame you will need for this DIY is the frame and backboard - remove everything else.

Use the backboard as your template to draw on to the back of the patterned vinyl and cut out :

 Peel away the paper and stick securely on to the backboard, smoothing as you go to prevent 
any air bubbles [a ruler works great for this if needed]:
 Using the backing of the paper, fold in to quarters to create a template for the centre point.
Mark this with a pencil and then carefully pierce through the backboard until the pencil 
can move through [this will be the perfect size to fix you mechanism in place]:
 Follow the instructions to add your mechanism parts in order:
Now to cover the frame.
Use the frame as your template to measure the width and length of the vinyl required
 to cover the sides and front:
 To neaten the lines, a craft knife will help remove any excess and helping create a clean join: 
 To add interest and an accent colour, I chose a vinyl in gold, with a slight texture to cover 
the inside of the frame.  
Again, I used the frame as my guide for the measurements and a craft knife to neaten the edges:
 Finally, the backboard can now be fixed into place within the frame:
A stylish, classic addition to your home decor that's quick [and cheap] to make too!
It's also a simple way to update any existing accessories you have, simply.
see you next time x

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