Sunday, 19 March 2017

DIY Beauty | Sugar Scrub Soap

Making your own soap is  I had no idea and then in one of my many unsupervised visits to HobbyCraft, there I was, buying soap base, scents and a soap bar mould.

Soap Base / Soap Mould / Soap Scent / Cucumber & Mint Scrub / Microwavable jug


The process is really simple and you can fully customise your soap from start to finish.  Start with your soap base - there are a whole range to choose from.  To give myself a few future options, I opted for a transparent base.  Cut the base into squares of around 3cm [I found 3 of these filled one of my moulds, but the mould should let you know the water it can contain to help guide.
Transfer into a microwaveable jug and heat in 20 second bursts until melted:
Mix thoroughly and add any scent [or colouring] before filling your mould.  I filled mine half way, before adding my 'scent' - I wanted this soap to have the same fresh scent and properties as the scrub DIY I posted a few weeks ago, so used this to fill my moulds.  The transparent base would show the scrub floating [in theory!]:
Leave to sink and spread out, before topping the mould up with the remainder of your soap base to cover.

Leave the soap to set [this takes only around 15 minutes - quicker if you pop in the fridge] before removing easily from the moulds [make sure silicon is used]:
...and your soap is ready to be used.  I think this is the start of a new obsession.


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