Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Embossed Clay Tags

Clay + Doily = Pretty

Due to the snow and be rather stuck indoors, I've been continuing my clay adventures by putting the letter stamps down and trying a few patterns instead.  Using the same pack of air drying clay as in my previous posts [links at the end]:
I rolled out a small handful of clay to around 1cm thickness [I cover the top with cling film to protect the rolling pin, but I think this is due to my paranoia, the clay is non-toxic, of course, so don't feel the need to do this too]:
..and then removed the cling film, and placed a doily on top of the clay [pattern side facing down]:
...Using a rolling pin, roll over the top to impress the pattern into the clay:
...and when removed, you should be left with a beautiful impression in the clay:
Using the small cookie cutters I bought from TKMaxx, I cut heart shapes from the clay, including all the pattern and also with the pattern running down one side:
Remove the excess clay [use the skewer if you have any trouble between the shapes]:
I'm adding these to every card and gift in sight at the moment, so made my holes in the corners to thread with a skewer [continuing through the foil to make a clean hole through the clay]: 
...and then set aside somewhere warm [windowsill above the radiator] for a day and night to dry:
 Once dry, the edges that were a little hard to  remove the excess clay from will have dried and easy snap away:
 ..and smooth any edges and imperfections with fine grain sandpaper:
 Lovely.  I'm really pleased with the results and these can be used for so much more than present tags and card embellishments.  I have plans for a garland and incorporating buttons, sequins and beads into the clay before drying to add some colour and texture.

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