Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New Craft

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2013 - I know you are going to be a good one.  

I thought I would post today about a subject that drives me insane and one that I want to face head on this year and conquer as my new year resolution-of-sorts 'New Year, New Craft'.
I can't do it.  I am so, so bad at it that even my Godmother [the most patient of patient people] lost patience with me and my terrible knitting skills.  It really bothers me that I can't do it, so I am determined, by the end of the year, that I will be a fully capable knitter.
But I'm not going to dive straight in to the knitting needles and wool world first.  Instead, on advice and also on having a go and finding it a little easier, I am going to become a fully-fledged crochet-er.  And look like this whilst I do it:

Crochet doesn't have to be all granny squares and bright, rainbow colours, right?

I'm going to be talking in crochet terms, writing about 'ch', 'dc', 'sk' and 'sl st', 'sp' and 'st[s]'.
I cant't wait to actually find out what on Earth these mean and understand them.

I know that part of my problem is that I want to be able to do it, without concentrating, probably whilst watching TV and reading a magazine at the same time and follow a pattern so that I have a blanket within the hour.  But I know this requires walking before running and patience and perseverance....wish me luck.

I have made my first steps and bought my crochet needles - 4mm and 8mm, wool and I am feeling all proud of myself, like the hard part is over [like when you buy a diet book and you feel that half the work is done in doing so] and also set up some pinspiration, to keep me focussed:
So, if you are a crochet-er or fancy starting out with me too, I've set up a separate tab that will track all my attempts and list my relevant posts in one place, should you like to follow along [I don't expect this is something I will have weekly updates on, but I will have at least one update a month, fingers crossed] - I'd also love any tips you could give me if you are already a master of the crochet!

P.S - I've also chosen this at the perfect time as the wonderful team behind 'Mollie Makes' have just launched 'Simply Crochet', so I'll also be giving this a read to help me and inspire me along the way, I'll let you know what I think!

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  1. I love knitting. I made a few lovely scarves last year for Christmas gifts and I enjoyed every minute of it. xx. McKenna Lou

    1. How lucky to receive one of those! I'm finding it addictive already, so cant wait until I actually start making something x


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