Sunday 24 November 2013

Nail Varnish Baubles

We collected our decorations from the loft this weekend and I decided that as I was a little [a lot] too early, I may as well have a sort through and see what might go back up.  Last year, I had a serious glitter glue problem, so gave some old 'filler' baubles a make over and had absolutely no reason to buy any more...but I did.  I forgot about them, but here they are:
I remember now that they were 10p in the January sales and I planned to jazz them up somehow this Christmas.  So here they are, my nail varnish 'dipped' baubles.
I don't have an infinite number of pretty paint pots to turn to, but what I do have a lot of is nail varnish.  There are so many benefits - it dries incredible fast, only needs 2 or 3 coats and its even, not streaky and it has it's own - no need to clean - brush, which can make detailed or bold patterns.  Perfect.  The smell disappears fast enough too, but that is the only downside.  I am very late with the dipped paint effect, but as my love of pastel pink and gold [especially gold glitter] continues, it was inevitable:
I began by hanging my baubles to dry, but tape them to your table top and they wont budge for the second or third layer either:
..any design or colour you like - all easily created with one simple item you probably already have:
Hope you've had a great weekend.
see you tomorrow x

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