Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sunday Short: Popping Candy Chocolate Firework Sparklers

Happy Sunday!  I hope you have had a great weekend so far?  Tonight, we celebrate with Fireworks in my town, so I have been getting a few snacks together for people to eat whilst we watch them.

Last year, I made chocolate breadsticks, which I sprinkled with popping candy to create edible sparklers, so this year, I've made some more, with a few added extras as well as continuing popping candy roulette.  I won't show the method, but you can see it in more detail in this post if you like, or if you are after a little more colour, I made some for 4th July as well.  

This year, I used Wilton chocolate buttons and a silicon pastry brush to get an even coverage as I was a bit low on the chocolate, but to decorate, I used a Sainsburys silver and gold medley:
...and crumbled up some toffee apple popcorn [FYI - yum!] on some others:
Hoping its my Brother that picks up the popping candy one!
Have a fantastic and safe Fireworks night where you are, see you next time x

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