Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Pudding Profiteroles

After yesterdays Meringues, this was inevitable.

I probably should have forewarned you of food ideas coming your way on the blog over the next few weeks.  All of them will be themed and will probably attribute to the addition of 2 stones to your being.
Today, I present the butter, flour, sugar with cocoa and cream that are Christmas Pudding Profiteroles.

To create these, I used exactly the same ingredients and methods as my previous profiteroles post, except I added 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder to the mix.  This does slightly change the consistency of the pastry and therefore how it 'puffs' during the bake.  The profiteroles are slightly less round, with a  little more creases, but as I'm covering half with white chocolate, this didn't matter to me much.
As a side note - when adding the eggs to your mixture - at some point, it will look like this:
your arms will feel like they are about to fall off and you'll probably be near tears at this stage of slop - but keep beating - it will incorporate and combine eventually.

To pipe my profiteroles, I transferred in to a disposable piping bag and cut a large piping hole:
...added the whipped cream to the centres:
[Before whipping the cream, you could also add a little Christmas tipple of choice? or some raisons, cinnamon spice or nuts for a bit of texture?]
....and melted some chocolate to drizzle on to the tops and decorated with the same holly
decorations as the meringues.
Can eat them all day....and did really - serve on their own, or as a side or decoration.  I'm thinking of making a large meringue base to pile them on top of.  For myself.
see you next time x
Want more Christmas treat ideas, including our Pudding teacakes, marshmallow pops, meringues and more?  Come this way.

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