Monday 2 December 2013

Clay Gingerbread Garland

Whilst I was making my clay advent stars, I couldn't resist making use of the some of the other cookie shapes and create a simple gingerbread land themed garland - the more time I am using cookie cutters with clay, rather than shortbread, the better for my thighs.  Winner on all counts.

What I Used:
Air dry Clay
Mini Cookie Cutters
Skewer / Sandpaper / Nail File
Silver thread / Beads

Rolling a small section of brown air dry clay to around 0.5cm thickness, I used mini gingerbread shaped cookie cutters to make my shapes.  Using a skewer, I made a single  and double hanging holes  and transferred the clay shapes on to some baking paper:
If you have any trouble removing the clay from the cookie cutters, use something soft, like the rubber end of a pencil, which wont leave it's imprint on the clay, but will be firm enough to help you out.  Leave to dry for at least overnight:
...whilst they turn a paler shade of brown and are ready to decorate.  
I decided to be simple and decorate with something quick - and you don't get much quicker than drawing the decoration straight on with a dark brown Sharpie:
Finish the clay shapes with a light sanding around the edges to smooth them out and make sure the skewered hanging holes have punched through.
I have used fine grain sandpaper in the past to smooth out the clay once dry, but I appear to have mislaid a nail file was used instead and it works a blimmin' treat - so highly recommended if you find yourself short of sandpaper.

Finally, the shapes are ready be strung.  To make sure that the shapes with one hanging lay flat against the wall and to add a little detail, I decided to use a beaded loop, stringing the shape through from the back, threading a bead, and then threading the string back through the front of the shape.  The bead holds the thread in place perfectly and the shape will hang and lay straight: 
see you next time x

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