Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Flower Tree Centrepiece

I'm helping a few friends with their wedding stationery and decor at the moment and this is the result of an experiment to see how easily we could create floral centrepieces for the wedding breakfast tables.
Turns out - fairly easily.  So if you're getting married, throwing a party or fancy having a pretty, floral centrepiece for your home, here is a simple DIY to create your own.

What I Used:
Candle stones
Tall Glass

I picked up my materials from Hobbycraft [of course, I practically live there] and found these foam flowers in the Wedding section of the Sale.  Whoop.  A bunch of 6 roses cost £1 and in total I picked up 8 bunches [48 rose heads, but only used 44], but you can find a range of similar fabric flowers [or make your own?] online, depending on your style and colour theme.
 I also found my foam balls in the sale and picked up 2 for £2, opting for the medium size.

To create your centrepiece, cut the heads of the flowers from the stems, leaving at least a 3cm stem:
 ..the stems can then be pushed into the foam, securely in place.  I started at the top centre, to try and create a colour pattern of alternating roses around it:
 Build up the placement of the roses, keeping the structure tight to hide the foam underneath - I left the leaves on my flowers to also help with this and break up the roses heads with a complimentary colour.  If you change your mind or don't like the placement, you can easily remove and replace the flowers as you go.  However; be careful not to keep placing and replacing the stems in and around an impression as this can wear away the foam - if this does happen, cut your flower head with a longer stem to securely fix in place further into the foam ball.
Continue until the foam ball is completely covered:
 Finally, fix a skewer in place at the base of the floral centrepiece:
 ...and I used decorative stones [I picked mine up from Sainsburys and have used this kind of technique before for displaying Cake Pops, Marshmallow Pops and Party Decorations] to hold the centrepiece securely in place:
 The stones can hold the weight as well as be decorative and a fairly cheap option:
In total, the centrepiece cost worked out at £12.  If we were to create in bulk, for around 12 tables, this would lower the price to £10 a table [even cheaper if we made bulk purchases online].  
A brilliant alternative to hiring or paying for fresh flower decor and the finished products can be given to family members as gifts at the end, or taken apart and the flowers used as embellishments afterwards.
see you next time x

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  1. Wow, this is cool! I can't believe how cheap it was, haha. Love the tree idea. Might try it for around the house to brighten up the place. :)


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