Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Halloween Banner

Can you tell I watched Hocus Pocus?
At the end of many of my posts I have written about how the DIY can be adapted to a style, colour scheme or event, so I thought I would show how some of my favourite make perfect Halloween decoration, baking and party crafts over the next couple of weeks.
First up, is this papercut banner - a really simple way to create decorations with impact.
Here's how I used the same technique to create a little Halloween-themed banner.

What I Used
A4 Orange and Black Card
Printed template
Cutting Knife
Cutting Board / Thread / Pencil
Metal Ruler

 I started with A4 card in my chosen colours, which I then quartered and then cut the 
bottoms in to banners:
 I then printed my required letters [don't mind my odd, stripy, witch-of-the-west printer. Just getting in the spirit].  To create transferrable templates, I then outlined each letter with pencil:
 ...so that they could be traced on to the back of each card banner:
 Continue with each letter until all banners are completed:
 ...and cut each letter with a cutting knife and help of a metal ruler to keep the lines crisp:
 Arrange your banners in order and attach to string, thread or ribbon to hang:
A simple, but really modern and stylish decorative banner - perfect for your Halloween 
shin-dig or decor for the holiday season.
If you are a fan of a garland or banner decoration, how about adapting these other DIYs in a similar way? A large canvas banner for the front door? or mini canvas banner to decorate any treats you may be serving?
see you next time x

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