Monday, 1 September 2014

Two | a Birthday Giveaway : Closed

Happy Monday!  Today, TTSM is two.

This is a perfect excuse to eat cake all day, which I am.
Last year, for my first blogging birthday, I set some resolutions which I think I kind-of, sort-of kept to.  I bought myself a camera [you probably didn't notice] and I have tried to improve my photography, but where this has happened sometimes, I think this might be down to luck and fluke, rather than skill.  I've also tried new crafts [paper cutting and more recently honeycomb] and this is something I intend to focus even more on for my third year of blogging.  Finally, I set myself some consistency challenges, trying to find a balance between setting goals to make more and regular blogging.  Around the New Year, I started blogging three times a week and this became a little personal goal, which I've managed to keep to [give or take one week or two] until today.  I have to be honest, this hasn't been easy - but I've enjoyed having this self-inflicted goal to focus on.  So, here's to year three!
I mentioned in my first ever post that TTSM was not my first [nor second or third] attempt at blogging and the reason I have been able to keep this one up, I think, is due to the fab online community.  Thank you so much for your comments, tweets, emails and for every time you share my posts.  
Raising my coffee/cocktail [depending on your time of day...or maybe not as far as the cocktail is concerned] to you xxxx


Finally - GIVEAWAY TIME!  I thought I'd offer something to celebrate and this is the online version of taking cupcakes in to work/school for your birthday.  

Ever fancied making Papercut artwork, Honeycomb decorations, bracelets, pinboards, tote bags or stationery toppers?  Now is your chance to win the project materials - the winner of this giveaway will win everything required to make the TTSM DIY craft project of their choice!  Any craft project DIY on this blog - if you fancy giving it a go but don't have the materials - you can win them! [If I have set the Rafflecopter form correctly - let me know if you have any problems!]

These are the mandatory entries:

Leave a blog comment, telling me the craft DIY you would like to win

Follow @ThingsSheMakes on Twitter  [if you don't already - tut! ;)] and then

Tweet: "I want to win the TTSM DIY craft post of my choice giveaway! #TTSMgiveaway"

Optional extra entries are to:

also like The Things She Makes on Facebook, Bloglovin and Pinterest

I'd like to open this up to all areas of the internet - so here is the small print:
  • It cannot be a food/baking post - unfortunately, this would rule out overseas entries, so please make sure the project you want to try is craft :)
  • The giveaway will close on Sunday, 28th September.  Make sue you get your entries in by then!
  • Of course, you can change your mind if you are the winner and find a different craft project you would like to try than originally posted!  If i am unable to send you part of the project materials due to shipping regulations, I will contact you to let you know, or offer you the chance to choose a different project.
  • The value of the project materials will not exceed £50.
  • If I am unable to buy you the same materials as I have used, I will find you the nearest alternative I can.
  • Rafflecopter will do the honours in choosing a winner, which I will announce back here, on the 29th September.
  • Any questions - please do ask!
Good Luck!


  1. I would love to win the Honeycomb decorations craft, they look so pretty & I love all the different textures

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! Well done on a fab two years. I for one have definitely noticed your photography improving and I think you have a knack for styling (something I'd love to have).

  3. Oh and I totally can't decide on which craft (there is too much awesome) so I'd let you choose if I won!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I love loads of arts and crafts and next to have a go at is 'felting' so if there is a felting box I would love that! If not, I would love a Christmas themed craft box for maybe creating my own tree hangings! Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for the chance!

  6. anything do do with Christmas, maybe some christmas cards

  7. Would love some crafts for Christmas

  8. Happy Blogbirthday!

    I love the look of the papercut artwork one, very creative :) xx

  9. Congrats on getting to two years. :) I'm a newish reader and have really enjoyed all of your crafts so far, so I look forward to year three!

  10. Happy bloggy birthday! (I always totally forget mine) I love your ombre curved bar bracelet :)

  11. I'd love some crafts for the festive season :) I love the Papercut Artwork :D


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