Friday, 10 April 2015

How to Make Felt Coasters

Hello! Let's not look chocolate in the eye again for a while.

Today, I'm back with a simple DIY to dress up cheap and cheerful cork coasters with a little felt,
fabric glue and needle and thread [if you like].
It's a perfect craft for personalising, can involve the kids and makes a great gift.

What I Used:
Scissors / Needle / Thread

To start, use the cork coasters to cut your felt pieces to size - don't worry too much about cutting
 the perfect circle - if you don't think you can cut the round perfectly, cut outside the lines as you
 can then trim the fabric at a later stage:
Once your felt rounds have been made, cut any embellishments or design elements that you would like to be added.  I used my Sizzix machine to create two simple star die cuts [you can create a template to cut around or  buy pre-made embellishments to create any design you want on top]:
You could attach your embellishments with fabric glue, however; to keep the embellishments flush
 with the felt top, I used a secure blanket stitch around the outside of my stars:
...this also added a bit of interest, texture and was another way to introduce another shade of 
grey to the design!

Finally, attach your felt top to the cork coaster.  I used fabric glue as it dries clear, is durable, strong and easy to use - but any strong glue will do [avoid using hot glue if you can as this will raise your felt, adding bumps to the top].  
If you felt circle is too big for the cork, centre your design and smooth the felt from the centre outwards - you can trim the excess once dried.  However; if your felt circle has been cut too small, attach one side first, allow to dry completely, then pull the felt gently to meet the opposite side and glue in place - bull dog clips or paper clips will help keep it in place as it dries.
Once dried, your new coaster are ready to use or gift:
Have a great weekend x


  1. These are so cute - such a simple idea but it works really well :)


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