Thursday, 28 May 2015

How To Make Bandana Dribble Bibs

I've found it really hard not to continually bombard my Brother and Sister-in-law with homemade things for my nephew, but it's really hard to know whether what you make and like is going to be what someone else likes and, when it's a bambino, is useful.  My Sister-in-law mentioned that plain baby dribble bibs are hard to come by [and crazy-expensive], so I had a go at making some for her - if you fancy some smarter/different dribble bibs for your mini, or making some as a gift, they are easy and quick to make - give them a go!

What I Used:
Jersey Fabric
Towelling Fabric
Template / Pencil / Tailors Chalk
Sewing Machine
Pins / Needle / Thread / Scissors

To create my template, I completely cheated and used an existing dribble bib to trace, roughly, it's a 30cmx30cmx60cm triangle which I cut out from plain paper:
 Pin your template to your towelling fabric and cut one piece:
...and then the same to your jersey: 
With the right sides facing in, pin your two pieces of fabric together.  
Add your pins so that the pin ends stick out the edges - then use a sewing machine to stitch a hem around the edge, leaving at least a 1inch gap so that you can turn your bib inside out a little later on: you sew around the edge, the sewing machine needle can continue over the pins, 
meaning you don't have to remove them as you go around:
 Turn the bib inside out so that the right sides are now both facing outside:
  ...use a pencil or scissors to make sure the edges of your triangle are neat and then sew by hand the 1inch gap, folding the raw edges inside to create a neat finish:  
 Finally, add your fastenings.  I hand-sewed so poppers as they're quick and easy to fasten:
 ....and your bib is complete, ready to use:
 I picked up a few other colours to give him a set:
  see you next time x

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