Monday 1 June 2015

How To Make a Toy Animal Letter

When I saw these fillable wooden letters in HobbyCraft, I thought I'd use them to join the marquee letter bandwagon fashionably late [as I do with most projects] or try fabric flower embellishments - but there are so many options for the letters, that before deciding on my final design, I thought I'd share a few experiments on the blog.  First up is a simple, fuss-free and very quick plastic toy animal design.

What I Used:
Fillable Wooden Letter [HobbyCraft £3]
Plastic Animal Toys [B&M £1.99]

Simply take a selection of animal plastic figures - a range of colours, designs and shapes and 
use them to fill the negative space:
 Layer the figures, push them in to place [the letters are quite strong] and gradually build up the 
number of figures as you distribute them inside the letter:
 [smaller figures were great for filling any gaps or breaking up colours]
 The wooden letter can be painted, decoupage-d, coloured and embellished before the figures are glued in to place [a hot glue gun would be perfect] or add faux leaves or something that will help blend the background of your letters and animal figures if you want to add to the detail and finished design:

For a few more ideas, including pom poms and glitter [!!!!!!!] pop over to the HobbyCraft blog.
They are great for decoration, displaying toys or as a gift and are easily personalised - I'll share
 a few other designs over the next few weeks.
see you next time x


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