Monday, 8 June 2015

How To Make an Origami Boat Accessory

With so much of my craft stash in storage, it's been a good excuse to try some ideas on my list that go back to basics and today I am sharing a quick and easy origami storage/accessory idea that needs nothing more than a sheet of a4 card: paper boat.

What I Used:
Plastic Coated Glitter Card
Paper / Ruler / Pencil

I used this tutorial to make my boat and understand how each fold worked.
To make the process easier, I created my boat from paper, which I could then unfold and use as my template.  My weapon of choice for this DIY was plastic coated glitter card [last used in this Ultimate Bows DIY] as it would allow me to make the folds, hold it's shape and the weight of my accessories and........glitter:
I placed the unfolded paper on top of the plastic coated card and using a pencil, pressed to mark
 every point where the folds met.  Removing the paper template, I then joined up the marks with a
 ruler and made sure the template was reflected on the card:
Once completed, I then used scissors to score over each line - not applying too much pressure [you don't want to cut through the card] and then rubbed out the pencil marks:
Follow the paper boat instructions and you'll find the folds much easier to make with the scored lines.  As each fold is made, make the fold crisp by pressing it down with a ruler:
...and your boat is ready for cargo:
Whether for keys:
...or jewellery and accessories:
see you next time x

P.S: How To Make A Stand For Your Boat

If you find that you prefer the 'long boat' look to your origami [this makes the ability for your boat to stand on it's own much harder] you can make a quick and easy stand that will blend in with your boat:
Cut a small section of card

Push this in place through the fold at the bottom of your boat:
You can now attach the bottom of the stand to your table top to help strengthen the centre of the boat and help it stand straight, rather than at an angle [unless that's the look you're after].

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  1. Origami boat reminds me the childhood. The paper boat that we used to make during rains. I have made many origami boats even during kindergarten.


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