Monday, 3 August 2015

How To Make a Loop PomPom Flower

I love a felt flower project and this is an easy, quick and simple technique to create beautiful, full looped pom pom flowers - have a project in mind as you'll want to make loads of them!

What I Used:

These are one of the easiest flowers to create and are great to add texture, detail and interest to a collection of flowers or as embellishments.  Cut a length of felt, twice the width of the petal size you would like.  The longer the length of felt, the more full and larger in size your flower:
 The loops are created by folding the felt lengthways in half and then cutting along the length.  
To make this easier, I glue the fold in place with a hot glue gun, so that it is quick and easy.  
This also provides a sturdy base when the flower is constructed:  
 The cuts are made in to the fold, starting at one end to the other.  
Make the cuts so that they stop short of the felt edge [another way in which the line of glue 
comes in handy] and make these in as uniform or random cuts as you like - the width is also 
entirely to your preference, the narrower the cuts, the more loops you will achieve:
 Once complete, your flower is ready for construction.  
Begin rolling the felt from one end to the other.  I found adding a small dot of hot glue as I went along helped keep everything in place:
I also made the flower more 'full' by rolling my felt downwards slightly as I sent, creating a dome:
 To create more 'fullness', spread out the loops with your fingers and your flower is complete:
I also experimented with different lengths and cuts of different widths to see the effects:
  These are great embellishments and can be used for all sorts of projects:
...including gift wrap, of course!
see you next time x


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