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Review | Jewellery Maker Gemstone Bracelet

Todays post is a collaboration with Jewellery Maker and has been the perfect DIY as my craft stash remains in boxes whilst I [try to] move.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I have made some attempts at jewellery.  I'm particularly interested in making my own bracelets and you should never leave me in the bead aisle of a craft store unattended.  I am still at a very early stage of learning this craft and very keen to develop it.

When I was contacted by Jewellery Maker to try one of their kits, it was too good an opportunity to miss and I had lots of options to choose from.  Whether a beginner or more experienced in jewellery making, there is something for all tastes.  
I chose the Mixed Gemstone Bracelet, which retails at £14.95:
 So, what do you get?  All of the materials you require are in the box.  You need to provide the tools, which in this case, I could find my round nosed pliers and found that that was enough for this kit.  If you are interested in starting jewellery making, I can recommend the HobbyCraft own brand tools as an inexpensive place to start.  Furthermore, if you are brand new to the craft, there's a great set of video introductions on the Jewellery Maker site.
The kit itself is neat and compact:
The bangle bracelet is large and consists of looped sterling silver, so the designs you can create are endless.  But you're not left to create the bracelet alone.  A photo step-by-step guide to making your jewellery is also included for reference and to keep you on track:
After checking my contents, I decided on an ombre effect with the white and purple-toned gemstones:
...and creating the bracelet is simple.  Firstly, open the finding with pliers:
...hook on your gemstone:
...and then close over the bangle:
Continue this process, building up the charms:
I sat happily with my cup of coffee and the Bake Off, repeating the process and going in to a
 crafting trance as I did so.  The. Best.  Finally, all my charms were added:
I'm really pleased with the final outcome - it's subtle [just as I like], but with detail and interest.  As I add to the bangle, I'll move the charms to the double loop, but I like the way the charms fall with the simple design on the single loop for now.

The only problem I came across during the process was that a few of the gemstone charm attachments were too small to fit on to the findings:
....there were a couple of casualties when I tried to widen the loop myself to make them fit.

My next plans are to make my own charms to add to it - if you have some of your own, these are easily added to the bracelet - there are endless ways in which you could personalise and vary the design:

So, if you're thinking of trying out a kit yourself, it's my favourite time - discount time! 
Jewellery Maker have offered an exclusive discount to the blog:
Simply use the code 'SheMakes' to receive a 15% discount on any purchase, if you fancy.

...and if you like what you seen, give Jewellery Maker a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for tips, behind the scenes photos and for a gallery of ideas and other peoples makes.

If you do have a go at any kits, let me know - i'd love to see the results!  
I've got my eye on the stamping kit.....
...but meanwhile, there's a wealth of knowledge and some fab video tutorials on their website 
that I need to make my way through for my next jewellery-making attempts!

see you next time x

Disclosure: I was contacted by Jewellery Maker to review a kit, which was sent to me.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.  Many thanks for your support!

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