Monday, 26 October 2015

DIY Decor // How To Make Autumn Pumpkin Favours

 These little felt pumpkins are not only easy and simple to make, they are a quick craft 
that can be used as a table favour, decoration or gift bag for trick-or-treat visitors.

These are also cheap to create- using just half a sheet of A4 felt and a little thread
- perfect for using up scraps or keeping costs low:
I used the bottom of a mug tree as my template [another DIY coming soon] that 
measured around 14cm in diameter - trace this onto your felt and cut your circle 
[don't worry too much about the curve of your cut - it doesn't need to be perfect]:
Next, take a needle and thread and create a running stitch around the circumference of 
your felt circle, with about 1cm hem.  [You could also use embroidery thread or thin ribbon].
Don't tie a knot at either end, but ensure that you have plenty of thread at the start and finish 
of the stitching to use as ties - bring the stitching to meet, unthread your needle and then pull 
the thread at either end to bring the felt circle together and create a small drawstring pouch:
Fill your pouch with treats - my weapon of choice were chocolate pumpkins.
For a final touch - and before tying the pouch closed completely - I created stalks with 
some dried  twigs from the garden - just trim them to size and place them in the centre: 

Pull and tie your strings to close the pumpkin fully to create pretty little gift favours bags.  
You can create an array of different colours and add further detail with stitching if you'd like:
 These are perfect Autumn displays and alternative Halloween treat gift bags [just add some faces].
see you next time x 

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