Monday, 23 November 2015

DIY Fashion | Lace Up Flats

If you're an instagram fan, you wont have failed to notice the beautiful lace up flat pumps starring in almost every fashion account and versions starting to make their way in to stores.  I'm in love and they were calling out for a DIY alternative.  They were much quicker to make than expected - you can have your own lovely pair made in a hour - and there are really only two steps to the project.
My kind of DIY.

These DIY flats can be as budget-friendly as you like.  I picked up a pair of pointed mock-suede flats from 'George' at Asda, which cost £8, and the trimmings: leatherette cord and 1m of black ribbon from 'HobbyCraft, costing £4 altogether.

To start, you need to create your loops.  The number you create will determine the number criss-crosses over the foot when the shoes are laced up.  I wanted a simple version, with one main criss-cross at the front, with the ties looped around the ankles.

For this, you'll need one loop at the front, two either side at the front, two either side at the ankle, and one at the back: 6 in total.  Create these with your ribbon - I cut 12 2-inch lengths:

Fold each ribbon length in half and then pin in place to ensure the distance between loops is as wanted.  Allow at least 0.5cm to sit from the top to ensure your cord will thread through:

Once happy with the placement of your loops, it's time to sew in place.  Use thread of the same colour and make small running stitches to secure the loops at the top of the shoes:

Once happy, knot and cut your thread and then trim the left over ribbon.
To neaten the edge and ensure no fraying, run fabric glue across the cut edges and leave to dry:

Once your loops are in place - it's time to lace up!

I chose a leatherette cord for my laces and bought 4m in length.  Cut in half and start lacing through the front loop to start - follow each end to the front side loops then cross over, threading through the ankle loops - continue round to the back, where the ties will cross again as they loop through:

I'm really pleased with the finished look and these are a fab addition to my collection of flats - I'll be making more in other colours and these could be a great gift idea for the fashionista in your life!

see you for another DIY Autumn/Winter footwear update soon x

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