Monday, 21 March 2016

DIY Easter | Decorated Egg Biscuits

Hello and welcome to one of my favourite types of week - the four day week.
As I am taking part in no chocolate March, I have an Easter biscuit DIY for you.
[but there are plenty of chocolate-related Easter DIYs here]

I was sent some cookie stencils to try out from Designer Stencils and with it, the perfect excuse to try out something that has taken me far too long to try out - edible gold glitter spray.  I mean, what will I not now cover this in?

There are some beautifully decorated biscuit designs that Pinterest will give me major icing skill envy for - but stencils give you a fab alternative.  They are easy to use and will allow you to create little masterpieces in minutes.  
 The stencils can be used a number of ways, but I tried using them with a spray and added embellishment.  I also used ready to roll regal icing which is another time saving alternative to royal icing [as used in previous Easter DIYs like this].
 Roll out the icing on a surface dusted with icing sugar to a thickness of around 1-2mm.  Use an egg- shaped cookie cutter to create your toppings.    Once cut, pop in the fridge to harden the icing after being rolled and cut - this will make it easier to work with and place on top of the biscuits later.
As they cool, do the same to a biscuit dough - I used my favourite shortbread biscuit recipe as it tends to hold it's structure well after baking - but you can use any recipe you prefer.
 Once cooled, the excess should come away easily and we can move on to the best part:
[and some sugar balls]
Simply place your stencil over the icing and cover with the spray:
 ...remove to reveal a beautiful pattern.
After covering all my icing tops with their patterns, I then also added a little embellishment with sugar balls. Use a toothpick to mark where they are to be placed and then use the toothpick to add a little water to the area before placing your sugar ball on top.  Leave to dry fully to help secure it:

 Once your biscuits have been baked, trim the edges with your cookie cutter to ensure when the icing is placed on top, the edges will meet neatly:
 Add the icing tops and if like me, you just don't know when to stop, 
you can add further embellishment with icing pens: 

  These were genuinely so simple to make - but the results look like something that should have taken much longer.  I'll be experimenting with colours next - give them a go!

see you next time x

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