Wednesday, 9 March 2016

DIY Jewellery // Morse Code Bar Necklace // Metal Clay

Today, we are continuing the Metal Clay magic DIY tour.  Next up, a Morse Code Bar Necklace.
A little more substantial than the triangle pendant, but still understated and simple.

In comparison, much easier than the triangle necklace and of a similar level to the hammered disc necklace.  This is something that would be suitable for any beginner.  If you are new to these posts, start here for a full photographic tutorial of how Metal Clay works and the process in detail.

T create the bar, start with a small sausage roll of clay:
...and create a rectangle using something that can mould the straight lines of each side:
A craft knife can also help, but if you aren't completely happy, the sanding stage will also
straighten and smooth any edges.
Next, marking the morse code.
I used google translate to find the initials that I would mark on my bar and a metal pen
 to create the dots and lines:
You can easily lightly mark these on to the clay -  and if you are unhappy,
smooth over and start again.
Once happy wit your design, define further - but the dots and lines won't shrink with drying or firing, so don't feel you have to overcompensate for any decorations or textures with this clay:
[a toothpick works just as well if you don't have the metal pen]
Finally, I created a channel to make the bar a bead, with a route to fix the bar to a chain by
running a length of wire through the center:
Dry the clay completely with a hairdryer and then smooth any rough edges with sandpaper:
Once completed, fire on the gas hob and then buff the clay to reveal a gorgeous metal bar:
I then threaded the bar with a gold bar wire, twisted and trimmed at the end to create a chain attachment at either end:
...adding a gold chain to contrast with the silver bar:
           Another fun and much-easier-to-create-than-expected jewellery item.
These make great gifts and can hold a secret message, the initials of a loved one or adapted to scribe important dates, locations or words.
What do you think of this design?  Three completely different pieces created from the same clay.  Come back on Friday to see the fourth and final DIY.

But before then......
*update: giveaway now closed*
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  1. i definetly need to do this! I am sooo obsessed with codes and cyphers, i especially love morse code. thanks for the inspiration!

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