Sunday, 18 September 2016

DIY Home Decor | Crystal

This is a home decor DIY I've been thinking about for a while.  I wanted an alternative to the previous methods I had seen to make crystals: something quick and inexpensive - with easily found materials, a decoration on a larger scale and something where the result would be as realistic as I could make.


Start by preparing your polystyrene shape - remove any excess and don't worry about making the shape a little rough around the edges - it will all add to the texture and interest of the final crystal.

Paint the shape with a couple of coats of your chosen base colour and leave to dry completely.  To add depth and detail to the crystal, I also painted the inside of the rim and centre:
...and because the crystal wont be sparkly enough for me, I added a little glitter to the centre, which would show through any small gaps:Build the crystal, starting from the centre out.  Add glue in small sections and pour in your crushed glass until it sets.  Remove the excess and continue the process:
In addition to the paint, I created depth to the crystal by using two colours of crushed glass.  I started with the dark grey glass in the centre and then used a clear crushed glass :
Once the inside of the crystal was complete, I added glue around the rim in a more irregular way to give the effect of a crystal chipped away from it's rock:
The hot glue means that your finished crystal is ready to display immediately:

Create different styles by varying the base shapes colours, sizes, crushed glass colours:
This DIY is so simple to make and can be tailored to any colour scheme or interior style.  I think it may be the first of many.  Let me know if you give this one a go and tag me in any photographic evidence!

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