Sunday, 25 September 2016

DIY Home Decor | Gemstone Photo Holders

For picture hanging commitment-phobes like me, display your photos, postcards and pictures with this gem of a DIY [boom-boom].

PlasterSilicoln Gemstone Mould / Paperclips / Cup / Spoon


This is a quick DIY not only in the time that it takes to make, but in the time you have to make it.
Having not worked with plaster before, please learn from me and make sure you have all your DIY items ready and close at hand - this is no lazy Sunday afternoon make.

The main component, the plaster, is not to be messed with - once you activate it with the water -you have to move!  The packet gives you an idea of the plaster:water ratio, however; I found the amount of water needed much higher - have a cup of water handy so you can slowly and in short bursts add it to the mix:

Keep stirring the plaster until smooth - add extra water if you feel it harden and have your moulds at the ready!

As soon as you are happy with the consistency, pour the plaster in to the mould, tapping the mould on your surface to flatten the mixture and remove any air bubbles as you go.  In the time it took me to fill three moulds, the plaster had already started to harden - so I added my paperclips straight away:

They stood vertically with no assistance, just to give you an idea of how quick the drying time is.
Thinking I may need to leave them overnight, I couldn't resist a test after lunch [about 2 hours later] and realised they were completely dry - the drying time is relative and these small gems just required a couple of hours before they could be removed from the mould.....

... ready to display some little postcards to add some colour and positivity to my office and desk space:
I love the white wash finish to the plaster, but you can personalise these with colour and texture to suit your style and space:

I think I've found another new DIY love - expect a few more plaster makes soon!



  1. Hi, I'd love to make it but the mold that you have a listing linking to is not the same kind. It would only give me half a gem. Do you have any advice on where to find the right one?

    1. Hi Ksenia,
      Many thanks for spotting that - I've updated the link now and this should take you to the correct item. Let me know how you get on!


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