Sunday, 16 October 2016

DIY Halloween Decor | Sequin Skull Lantern

Halloween Decor with sparkle.


Polystyrene Skull / Black Paint / Paint Brush / Sequins / Sequin Pins



This DIY uses the old-school sequin and pin embellishment technique [it's strangely therapeutic] and lets you add a little chic to your halloween decor that can be a home decor accessory all year round. Win.

Start by coating your skull in paint - allow to dry fully and add a second coat if needed.
Now, grab a chair, a hot drink and get pinning those sequins.  I added detail around the eyes, jawline and head - but this would look fab.u.lous with if it was completely covered in sequins - I'm very tempted to do this with my next free evening.

Once you have completed your embellishment, you could leave your skull as the awesome decorative item that it is - but follow the next steps if you fancy transforming it in to a lantern.
Take a battery candle and mark in the bottom of the skull where it will sit comfortably and hollow out this area with a knife.

To ensure the light could be seen through the skull, I hollowed out the eyes with a pencil, meeting in the middle and joining with the hollowed area made for the candle to sit in.

Paint the exposed polystyrene before finishing the look by removing the paint around the teeth with a pencil:

Display as part of your Halloween decor, or as a chic accessory.  It can be easily changed to reflect your style, colour preferences or to match your home colour scheme.

These are polystyrene items - there is no material more flammable. DO NOT even think about having a naked flame near these - the 'candles' I have used are fake and battery operated.  Even then I didn't leave them unattended.  Safety first people.

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