Sunday, 2 October 2016

DIY Home Decor | Brush Stroke Art

You have probably noticed my aesthetic is quite grey. White, gold and sometimes, a bit of glitter, but primarily, my house has been decorated with a palette of light through to dark grey.  Time to lift the decor a bit and there is nothing better to do this than with some DIY art.

Canvas / Brushes / Paint


You can add huge statement pieces or smaller colour ways that pull your room together.  I need a statement and colour - but I'm also still renovating, decorating and putting my home together, so it need to be something that can adapt to.  Brush stroke art is your answer and it requires very little time and next to no painting skills!


The key is to start - anything [and I mean anything] that you paint can be changed, painted over or built on - so I decided to order my colours to make the process easier.  The main colour I wanted was pink, so this is where I started - covering the canvas with strokes starting from the top to middle and bottom to middle:

I went for long strokes to fill the canvas, progressing with smaller strokes as I added my accent colours.  I used the same technique, dense colour and fairly dry bush strokes starting from the top to the middle and bottom to middle with the second main colour:

Vary your brush strokes by loading the brush for dense colour or removing the excess for a softer finish:

I painted the brush strokes around the canvas to break up the pink, before picking a third main colour, complementary to the navy to give a little balance:

Finally, I chose accent colours to use sparingly but add some lightness and a little shimmer to the art, breaking up the matt finish:

The colours look different throughout the changing light during the day - in areas of the house which have floods of light, the colours look pastel and muted and insdarker corners, the colours are a deeper shade, more vibrant and in particular lights, the gold is highlighted:

I still have a few blank spaces which I am tempted to bring to life a little with some smaller versions of these - can I persuade you to have a go too?

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