Friday 16 December 2016

DIY Christmas | Iced Biscuit Christmas Tree & Mug Biscuits

Christmas food that isn't a Christmas Pudding?  I know!

Wilton Cookie Tree Cutter Kit [Lakeland similar here] / Sainsburys Mug Cookie Cutters / Rolling Pin Bowl / Spoon / Scales / Baking Paper / Baking Tray / Icing Bag / Writing Nozzle| INGREDIENTS |
180g / 6oz Plain Flour
55g / 2oz Caster Sugar
125g / 4oz Unsalted Butter

| Dough |The dough for this DIY is enough to make both the Cookie Christmas Tree and the mug cookies [9 of them] on the side.
Combine your butter, flour and caster sugar in a bowl until a dough.
Roll your dough to the thickness of a £1 coin on top of baking paper, to make the process of cutting and transferring to your baking tray as easy as possible.
That's literally as hard as it gets.  Lets make!
| Royal Icing |
To create icing that doesn't run, sets so that it doesn't smudge and tastes good, you need royal icing.  Follow the instructions on the packet and then add a little more icing [about a tablespoon additional] to make a thick icing that will still be squeezed through the piping bag!

| Cookie Christmas Tree | 
Cut your dough with each of the cutters - to make sure I didn't run out, I started from the smallest star and worked my way out.  Once cut, set in the fridge for around 20 minutes and then transfer to your baking tray and a oven set at 190 degrees.  These should only take around 12 minutes - but keep an eye on the edges and check that they don't get too brown.
To create a crisp edge, I used my cutters to make a neat edge and tidy up any spread from the oven.  Leave the cookies to cool completely.
You are now ready to ice.  Transfer your icing in to a piping bag and snip the very tip to create a small flow for decorating [you can also add a writing nozzle if it helps!]
I decided to go simple and as only the edges would be on show, make a lace-style pattern at each point.  I started with the outline, to gain my icing confidence.....
...and then added the decoration.
Create your patterns around each star, and when you are ready to start assembling your tree, add some dots of icing to the middles and stack!
[as the stars became smaller, I changed the design to something less intricate]
Finish stacking your tree and then you can add any final decorations.
I added sugar balls to each point and a sprinkle of icing sugar for snow
...ready to display - until you give in and start to eat it.

| Mug Biscuits |I mean, who can have a drink without one of these now?

Bake your biscuits in an oven set at 190 degrees for 5-10 minutes [keep an eye on them as they will bake quickly!]

Due to the small size, the spread for these biscuits was much greater than the stars.  To remedy this, re-cut your biscuits as soon as they are taken out of the oven - this will prevent the biscuits from breaking and they will cool and harden in tact!
Leave to cool completely and ice with the same piping bag and be as creative as you want!  The biscuits balance perfectly on the side of your mug - you could even add a name for personalised biscuits!
Happy Friday!


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