Saturday, 3 December 2016

DIY Christmas | Mini Wreaths

Mini, cute and simple, you can hang them all over the house, string them together as a garland or create one large wreath from them all.  I'll be adding them to my presents this year as tags.



I used clippings from a Cedar tree [I think, please correct me if I'm wrong! I blame Google] which are perfect as the leaves fall flat, have a natural curve and are a vibrant green.
 My clippings were around 15cm and I used two for each mini wreath.
Curve your clipping so that the top and end meet and fix in place with a cit off of your floristry wire:

Cover the wire by fixing a bow in place with hot glue [you can make the bow yourself, but these pre-made bows are handy!] 
Finally, add a second cutting to fill out the shape and secure in place:
I have used mine as present tags, with a simple brown paper and red & white ribbon wrap: 

If you want to move from the traditional colours, there's a gold glitter [!] alternative.  HobbyCraft have a gold garland that works just as well - add a white bow and you have a stylish and modern version to decorate your presents with:
Wrapping presents is one of my favourite watching a Christmas movie crafts - and these can be embellished and personalised - as well as transformed in to decorations for the home!

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