Sunday, 12 February 2017

DIY Accessories | Sequin Patches

Style up your wardrobe with these simple sequin patches.

Sequin Ribbon / Fabric / Fabric Glue / Scissors / Needle / Thread / Pencil


I used a scrap piece of pre-washed thick linen to create my patches, but these can be made on to almost any material or iron -on fabric if you want to say time and sewing later on.
Using a pen or pencil, trace or draw your design on to your material.
I opted for simple lines of hearts, stars and diamonds - bear in mind the lines that you will be creating with your sequins - too thin or close together and you may not be able to neatly trace these, so open shapes work well for this.
Fill the shape with a thin layer of fabric glue [don't be too worried about being neat]:
There are a few patterns to attaching your sequins, you can create lines in any direction, but i opted for a simple trace of the outside lines, that then work their way in towards the centre.
To make cutting my patches out later a little easier, I placed the line of my sequin so that half was on the inside half was over the glue and the outside half would allow me to cut the shapes out without the fabric behind showing through.
Take your time, press your sequins down as you go and move the fabric round, rather than the sequins to stop you from getting in a tangle or losing the alignment of your sequin thread.
Keep going until your have your shape and again, don't worry if your fingers have meant the glue is a little, well, everywhere.  It can be removed once dry and no-one will ever know.
Leave to dry fully [overnight is best] before cutting away your patches.
With a little warm water on some non-abrasive fabric [a flannel/tea towel works well], you can buff away the glue to shine up your patches before sewing or gluing them on to your clothes or accessories.  I opted for sewing my patches on and added a little thread detail to the diamonds:
The patch possibilities are endless.
What would you make?


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