Sunday 5 February 2017

DIY Valentines | Chocolate Hearts

Completely not just for the 14th February, but with Valentines on the horizon, you might fancy making a few of these to hand out to your loved ones.

Wiltons Candy Melts / Nutella / Hazelnuts / Dried Strawberries / Heart Mould / Piping Bag / Spoon


There are quite a few elements to this foodie DIY, but luckily, the time is all in the preparation and once you start, finish time is only 30 minutes away.
Start with lining your moulds - coat the inside with your melted candies and by the time you finish the last heart, the first will have dried, so give a second coat to ensure a thick layer of chocolate lines the moulds.
It's not pretty - but don't worry - it will all be hidden.
Add a spoonful of Nutella to a piping bag and fill the centre of each heart, around the size of a hazelnut, before adding an actual hazelnut, pushed down as far as it will go:
Fill the remainder of your heart mould with more chocolate and tap the mould on your surface after each is filled to level your chocolate.
Once set, remove from the moulds and line up for decorating.
I added the remainder of my Candy Melts to a piping bag and cut the smallest hole at the end to pipe squiggles across each one:
...before adding a small round of chocolate at each corner to decorate with some dried strawberry pieces:
[be quick with your chocolate - as it dries so quickly - you may need to scrape the chocolate at the tip of the piping bag out at intervals! Don't worry, you can easily do this from the outside of the piping bag with your finger, without damaging the bag]
And you are finished.  Add to a bag, box or have as an addition to your coffee.
Candy Melts do have a slightly different taste than our usual Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Milky Bars etc. so feel free to substitute - just temper your chocolate and allow additional setting time.
I also made solid versions of these, perfect for adding to hot chocolate.
Happy Sunday x
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