Sunday 4 June 2017

DIY Home Decor | Geometric Mirror Stand

Style up your dressing table with a simple mirror stand.


Mirror / Paint / Plaster / Craft Knife / Acetate Sheets


The hardest step of this DIY is deciding the shape of your stand and creating a mould for your plaster. I kept my design simple and created a pyramid base from an acetate plastic sheet and plenty of tape to keep the mould watertight and strengthen the edges:
Mix your plaster according to the manufacturer guide, ensuring that the plaster is fully mixed and of a pouring consistency.
Once in place, help support the mould with any heavy, straight lined objects that will stop the weight of the plaster from expanding the mould shape.  Once semi-set [only around 10 minutes later] I added my mirror to help mark and dent the plaster before leaving to fully dry:
Remove the mirror, supports and mould:
 Use a ruler and craft knife to further the mark made by the mirror and create a wider, neater slot for the stand.  Use a scissor blade to help scrape the plaster away:
[keep using your mirror to test whether enough plaster has been removed to hold the mirror at your desired angle]:
When completed, lightly sand the stand to neaten any edges, help straighten any lines and remove any excess plaster:
Finally - the stand can be left unfinished, or you can add your own decoration.  After completing this moon art, I continued my love of splatter paint with a simple grey and gold flick design:
Leave to dry completely and add a clear varnish finish to protect before adding your mirror and displaying on your dressing table:
...and you can swap out your round mirror for a larger one:
 [this mirror was taken from a poundland frame]
 Easily personalised - dress up your dressing table with your own!


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