Sunday 28 May 2017

DIY Gift | Chopping Board Rest & Note Pad


Board / Paint / Cord / Notepad / Nail / Hammer / Bulldog Clip / Lollipop Stick / Glue Gun / Stand


Both are simple, easy and completed in 30 minutes.  What more could you want?

Shopping List

Start by looping and tying your cord to the handle:
With some masking tape [or washi tape, if you're me] section off the area that you would like to block paint:
Run your brush away from the edge to help ensure you create a neat, crisp line and leave the paint to dry completely.  Then, enjoy the removal of the tape for the brilliance that it is.
To get rid of any messy edges with the paint, I quickly sanded the sides to neaten the lines.
Finally, add a nail to the centre of the bottom of the handle to hang your bulldog clip from, adding your paper to create a simple and stylish shopping list holder:

Phone / Tablet Rest
To complement the list board, I sectioned off the top handle to paint in the same grey:
Once completely dry, I removed the tape and added the cord loop to the handle:
Next, mark the position of your lollipop stick rest [using your phone/tablet to ensure it will rest neatly] and then run a line of glue along one side of the lollipop and fix in place:
When dry, you can neaten any excess glue with a craft knife to cut away.  To strengthen the rest, I also ran another line of glue across the bottom.
Finally, attach the stand for the board, adding lots of glue to the top of the wooden stand and holding the board in place at a slight angle:
Once fully dried, your stand is ready to use.
So, what do you think?  Two simple, stylish and budget-friendly ideas to transform some basic chopping boards.
P.S - Father's Day is just around the corner - if your Dad is a Masterchef or baker, these might make a great gift idea!


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  2. Perfect stuff!! and very helpful!! Kisses from Madrid. Muás

  3. Can I ask where you purchased your boards? I can’t find any in thrift stores.

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