Saturday, 10 February 2018

DIY Gift | Chocolate Gift Box

Any DIY with chocolates is a winner - and even if you are making this for someone else - you'll get your share, don't worry.

Gift Box | Ferrero Rochers/Chocolates | Mini Cake Wrappers | Paint


Firstly, fill your gift box with the Ferrero Rochers, so that you can gauge how many you need and how many you have left over to eat immediately.
You can decorate your gift box [if not already decorated] any way you like - I opted for a quick and simple spray paint.  With either floristry foam or polystyrene, use the box as a template to cut to size so that it sits neatly in the bottom half of the gift box:
Completely optional, but I put my chocolates in to white mini cake cases that are a little more sturdy than the wrappers they come in and also look a little bit nicer - but is completely optional.
I cut tooth picks in to thirds and then attached them to the bottom of the cases with hot glue:
Before adding my chocolates and then filling the gift box:
[bonus - the cases used up more room meaning I had an extra 3 chocolates I needed to eat!]
You can finish your gift box off with a bow, even if just to stop yourself from eating them, or leave open to display:
You can adapt this DIY to any chocolates - change the shape of the box and you can be as modest or elaborate with your presentation as suits the occassion!

P.S - Save your clear boxes that the chocolates come in - there's a DIY coming for those soon.
Chocolate and Prosecco for breakfast every weekend.
If Gift DIYs and crafts are your bag - you can find more ideas right HERE.

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  1. Incredible idea!I think these DIY gift boxes are very impressive and fabulous!DIY gift boxes making tutorial

  2. great idea of the chocolate gifts. This is the best ideas for the special occasion. Thanks for sharing.


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