Sunday, 11 February 2018

DIY Home Decor | Nail varnish Heart Art

If you don't have the paint colours you need - you might have the nail varnish.  Create this easy floating frame heart art in less than an hour and spread the love.

Frame | Washi Tape | Nail Varnish | Pliers | Glue Gun


I based the shape of my heart on the papercraft geometric hearts I made a few years ago [DIY here].
Start by removing the backboard to your frame and marking out your chosen design with washi tape:
I didn't have a particular design in mind, other than something loosely based on dalmatian prints and to make the most of my limited nail varnish, I created my design in reverse to how it would have been created using paint - adding the detail first, layering and then adding the background colour - I'll show you what I mean.

I chose a range of pink nail varnish colours and started with adding small drops in random patterns, then using the brush to spread and fan the shape out:
I continued this pattern with the remaining pink colours, overlapping some and varying the sizes.  Ensure plenty overlap the masked design to help define the shape:
You can keep an eye on the design as it will appear in your frame by turning your frame over and making sure you are happy with the spread of colour and shapes:
It can be a little difficult to control the nail varnish - but any spots that are outside your design, or not to your liking can be removed with nail varnish remover.
Once you are happy with the detail, select a final colour that will be the background and fill in the gaps - this might need more than one coat to make the final shape completely opaque [but nail varnish dries incredibly quickly - so this wont be a problem]:
Leave to dry completely before the best bit - removing the washi tape to reveal a neat outline of your shape - so good that I appear to have forgotten to take any photos of this part of the process!

To finish the art and create a floating frame, remove the frame pins with some pliers and secure everything in place at the corners with a generous spread of hot glue [and along the frame just to be sure]:
...and you're ready to display your art:
Spread the love by brightening up a corner of your home with this DIY - it can be adapted to any size and colour and it takes less than an hour.
If Home Decor DIYs and crafts are your bag - you can find more ideas right HERE.

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