Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chocolate Week {Chocolate Spoons}

I hope you are happily making the most of this Chocolate Week - it's the rules to be eating it all the time you know?  Today I am sharing my own version of chocolate spoons, which I have made myself simply because they are cheaper than buying them and you can make them to your exact liking.  One of these little lovelies costs about £1.99 in the supermarket for one.  One. That's definitely not enough. So this way, I can make as many as my moulds will allow!  I am on a real plain chocolate kick at the moment - I used to hate it, but now I am making everything with it.  If plain chocolate is not quite your thing, substitute any references to it with your favourite.

What I Used:
Ice cube trays [from ice cube tray heaven, Ikea £1]
acrylic teaspoons [£2 for 12 from Waitrose]
Plain/Milk/White Chocolate

For my chocolate spoons, I find the Ikea silicon moulds the perfect size for the chocolate spoons and easy to use when needing to get the spoons out at the end!
Melt your chocolate either over the hob, or in the microwave...

...and once melted, pour into your mould - only filling half way.
 Set aside until the chocolate is very nearly set - cooling at room temperature should help keep the chocolate looking nice and glossy in colour.
 Take your spoon and fix into the chocolate [at least half the spoon must fit into the mould, without touching the bottom to stay secure] - if it doesn't stay sturdy, allow your chocolate to set further.  Top up the mould to fill - a small spoon is handy here - and learn from me - fixing one spoon and topping up before starting the next will help as it starts to all get messy from here on...but don't worry, it wont effect the finished chocolate spoon:
Now add your decoration: chocolate chips, toffee chunks, sprinkles - whatever you fancy
Either set your moulds to the side to completely set, or transfer into the fridge to quick set [this should take no longer than 10-15 minutes - but will discolour the chocolate on the you will see in the photos below - will I never learn from The Great British Bake Off?]
Once set, carefully help the chocolate from the moulds...
...and there you have it.  These are so easy that they are simple enough for children to make with you. If you can resist eating them all yourself, they also make great favours or desserts.
 These spoons are also perfect to stir into a mug of hot chocolate, or for stirring in a small mug of hot milk, to make your own [for a stirrer to make a proper mug - try pouring chocolate into a cake/muffin mould to make big chocolate spoons/stirrers].

You could also layer your chocolate, filling a section at a time, alternating colours. Don't add the spoon and you've made some cute chocolates:
Or add a stick, and you have a chocolate pop - I could go on, there are so many different versions and varieties that you can make.

I'm also going to try, nearer the time, peppermint and candy cane versions of these for stirring in mugs of hot chocolate, but even I am thinking it's a little too early for that just now, be continued.

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