Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween Chocolate Apples

Boo! [I don't feel I've posted enough about apples covered in sugar]

Hello!  Today I have a really quick ideas post if you are stuck for some halloween themed treats - more chocolate apples!  I know, Chocolate week really wasnt that long ago and on Monday I made caramel ones, but as soon as I had the idea for these, I needed to try it.  They were pretty quick to make [the longest part being the setting of the chocolate] and are a great variation of these for Halloween.

Following the same steps as this post in preparing the apples, I coated my apples, but then used the back of a teaspoon to create the effects.  For the pumpkin [using Silver Spoon Chocolate Orange Buttons], taking the spoon up and down the apple created the lines and ridges and for the mummy [using a Milky Bar], taking the spoon across and around the apple gave the layered effects of bandages.  Apply the first coat and allow to set:
 If needed, apply a second coat [just to add more texture and cover any shades of green]:
 Once completely set, I used Sainsburys Caramel writing pens to add the details:
You could also make ghosts, monster heads, or even spiders [wrapping black pipe cleaners round the base of the skewer for legs] and eyeballs with your decoration. Happy Halloween!
[This now ends my annual posting limit of chocolate apples!]

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