Friday, 5 October 2012

National Chocolate Week {8th-14th October}

Oh yes. Is there a better week?  Don't think so.  Having missed Cupcake Week [yes, there is one - I WILL catch you next year my pretty] I am so pleased to learn of the existence of my best friend forever, Chocolate and a week of celebrating it.  I'm also pretty sure it means you also have to eat it every day.  Rude not to.

As I could pretty much take a degree in the subject, I thought I would dedicate a week of posts to my favourite food and a few recipes that are also perfect for this indoors season.  Here is what I'll be sharing next week [I'll link to the posts from here as well once they're up]:

Monday 8th October {Chocolate Popcorn}

Tuesday 9th October {Real Hot Chocolate}

Wednesday 10th October {Chocolate Spoons}

Thursday 11th October {Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows}

Friday 12th October {Chocolate Apples}

As always, all are easy, simple and quick....and yum.  God Bless you chocolate, and all who eat you.

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