Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Specimen Jelly Jars

Clotted Jelly and unidentifiable chocolate? Dessert is served.
These are quick and easy if you forgot that tomorrow is Halloween and need a last-minute 
I created two different flavours of jelly to create two-tones and a more blood-like colour. Bit weird.
Mash the jelly up to create a more 'clotted' effect and transfer in to either glass or plastic 
jars/tumblers, and whilst you are transferring the jelly, add halloween-themed and shaped sweets 
and treats [I used the same 'brain' chocolates as this post] as your 'specimens'.  Jelly teeth, 
chocolate eyeballs and spiders, a bit like last year, all work brilliantly.
To create a more 'specimen jar' effect, I created and added cataloguing labels:
If you fancy making your own specimen jars, you can save to and print out from your computer 
 the template below.  You can add your own descriptions, year of discovery, location of where the specimen was found and any other markings:

see you next time x

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