Monday, 24 March 2014

How to Make White Chocolate Cake Bites

 It's been a while since I posted my latest sugar-ful sweets [2 days.  2. Days], so today, I put that right with these pretty cake bites (perfect for little food gift bags btw! - hint, hint for Sunday?!)

What I Used:
12 cupcakes
100g icing sugar, 75g butter
100g Wiltons White Chocolate Drops
Sprinkles / Icing Pens / Decorations
The method and ingredients for these bites are the same as posts I have previously shared
 on cake pops, however; I had exact measurements for this and nothing went to waste [except I 
may have had enough to eat what was left on the whisks at the end].
Start by breaking up your 12 cupcakes in a large bowl to crumb form:
Mix up 75g of softened butter with 100g of icing sugar in to a smooth and spreadable buttercream [add more of either if you feel the consistency isn’t to your taste]:
Gently mix the buttercream into the cupcake crumbs and form a dough-like mixture that holds together:
Taking small sections at a time [the size of your cake bites will depend on your generosity ;)], around £2 coin size, begin moulding and rolling the mixture between your hands into a round, placing on a lined tray.  When you have completed  your mixture, pop in the fridge for around 10-15 minutes for a time out to cool down and harden a little for the next stage:
Chocolate time!  Melt your chocolate over a simmering pan:
...until a runny consistency.  You'll need to work fairly quickly with the chocolate, but to keep it at a melted consistency, turn the heat on your burner/stove top at it's lowest and ensure you stir the chocolate at regular intervals.  Get your decoration ready:
....and resting a cake bite on a fork, dip in to the chocolate and set back on the lined paper tray.  One coating of chocolate was enough for me, but if you would like a second coating, dip in the chocolate again.  Before the chocolate sets, quickly sprinkle with any decoration.  Leave to set completely:
I went for simple sugar confetti butterflies and stars and then added a little more decoration
 and colour with icing pens in yellow and white:
Simple, bite-sized treats that can be decorated for any occasion.  You know these are going to pop up again in December, don't you?  [I did make a version on a stick already].  Much easier to carry and display - I'm going to be making a whole tupperware container full to display in the form of '60' when we go away for my Dad's birthday later this year in place of a cake.
see you next time x

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