Monday, 10 March 2014

How to Make a Gold Sharpie Bowl

To build up my jewellery storage, I've been looking for some small bowls with designs on the inside: geometric, bold but fairly delicate, simple and not too distracting.  Not too much to ask?  
I very rarely find the things I imagine in my head, so during my [what seems to be] monthly trip to IKEA, I found these small white bowls and had an experiment to see how easy it would be to create my own using the famous 'Sharpie Mug' technique, but on a slightly different scale:
 ...all I needed were scissors, washi tape and a Sharpie:
 I went for a gold and white triangle pattern, easily created by cutting shapes from the washi tape and sticking in a [fairly] random pattern to cover the inside of the bowl:
 Once I had completed the pattern, I began to colour in the white spaces in lines with the Sharpie:
 ...continuing until I reached the brim of the bowl:
 ...and finishing with a free-hand [so not the straightest] line around the top:
 Leave the pen to dry for a while.  It wont take long, but after all the work, it's not worth risking smudging the ink, so have a cuppa before removing all the washi tape to reveal the pattern:
 The pattern of the ink is still visible and the lines aren't necessarily the most crisp, but I really like
 the 'handmade' quality of the finished look.  The next experiment will be to try the same technique
 with washi tape, but cover the inside with ceramic paint.
I filled it with my fanciest jewellery and it can now sit pretty amongst my 
jewellery trayframe and plate.
see you next time x 


  1. The sharpie lines actually make a beatiful line pattern! Lovely :)

    1. thank you! I really liked the effect of the pen in the end too :)


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