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How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet

Todays post is how to simply dress up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket with nothing more than tissue and, if you are taking them anywhere, brown paper.  It can easily transform a cellophane wrapped bunch to something a little more presentable with very little effort and makes the perfect gift [to someone or to yourself!].

I love, love, love tulips and wanted to give some to friends.  I picked up two beautiful bunches from the supermarket for £4.  On their own, they are perfectly fine to give to someone and they can then cut and arrange them, but with a few simple and quick additions, you can transform them and give them ready to put straight in to a vase. 

I began by removing the supermarket wrapping and trimming the ends to the same length [I'm going to do a quick post another time about varying the lengths for different effects for arranging in a vase] and removing any additional leaves to tidy them up a bit:
I picked two colours of tulip to add a bit of pretty to the arrangement and lay the darkest pink tulips in a row on the table, placing the lighter coloured bunch in the centre on top:
Bring the darkest pink tulips from either side to wrap the light pink tuplips in the centre and take care to make sure the leaves don't get caught between the stems:
To secure the tulips in place, either use a rubber band, or tie a knot at the base and then wrap around to secure the arrangement.
I chose a pretty twine, just in case it would be on show in the vase it was to be put in: 
This is as much as I did to the arrangement and these can now be put straight in to a vase if you are keeping them for yourself, or giving to someone in a vase as a gift - however; you can also pretty them up in a simple wrap that will also allow them to be put in a vase and not soggy up the tissue paper.  I used one sheet of light pink tissue paper and one sheet of dark to compliment the tulips.  Cut each piece in half and lay one sheet in a diamond on your table.  Place the flowers to lay flat down the centre, leaving at least a 1 inch gap at the top:

To tailor the tissue paper a bit more to the flowers, cut a straight at least 1 inch from the bottom of the stems and finish the diamond shape, matching the left side by cutting a diagonal on the right side:
...take each side corner and bring them to the centre to wrap around the flowers: at the base with tape and repeat on the opposite side:
The cut made at the bottom leaves a gap to place your flowers in water if you need to.
To make the bouquet a little fuller, repeat again with a change of colour, to the alternate sides:
...but with the final wrap, bring the sides to the centre and to wrap around the bouquet
before you cut.  Match the sides and then cut any excess to create a neat finish:
...and secure with tape.
These are good to go if you are giving them to someone in a vase, but if you are gifting your
flowers or need to carry them or drive with them, a quick wrap of brown paper, cut in exactly the
 same way for the first wrap, but left uncut for the second:
....wrapping round and matching the sides, cutting the excess and securing with tape:

...leave the bottom, fold it in place at the stems and tie securely with string:
This is a really simple, but effective way to dress up a pretty bunch of flowers.

see you next time x


  1. Tulips are my favourites! Thanks for sharing, whenever I try to wrap flowers they never look pretty!

    1. Thank you, lovely! This is my go-to if I'm in a bit of a hurry but want to pretty them up - easy peasy x

  2. Thanks for this - its always bugged me that you have to go 'supermarket or florist' with nothing in between, and never managed to work out how to do it, just tried this and it works and looks fantastic.

  3. Merci for this post. It came in very handy when I had to wrap a bouquet on Christmas day ;-)

    Bonnes fetes, Leeann

    1. Thanks so much! Really glad that it helped :)

  4. thank you for sharing this. I also make flower bouquets but wasn't knowing how to wrap those bouquet. Now i will be able to wrap those bouquets well.

  5. Thanks for this - its always bugged me that you have to go 'supermarket or florist' with nothing in between, and never managed to work out how to do it, just tried this and it works and looks fantastic.


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